Bodhitree E-Learning Academy and CSERL 

CSE Department, IIT Bombay



**Clash of the Sorting Shifus**


A coding competition of sorting programs


Write the fastest sorting program implementing a specified sorting algorithm and win a “Sorting Shifu” certificate from the Bodhitree Project,  IIT Bombay. 


  1. Signup for an account at, and enroll in the course  “Clash of the Sorting Shifus by May 13th, 2022 11:59pm. 

  2. On registration, you will be assigned one of the following sorting algorithms to implement in any one of the languages: C, C++ or Python

    1. BubbleSort

    2. InsertionSort

    3. SelectionSort

    4. CountingSort

    5. MergeSort

    6. QuickSort.

  3. You must submit your code, implementing the assigned algorithm by May 15th, 2022.

    1. You can submit other sorting codes also, but you must submit your assigned one to be eligible for the “Sorting Shifu” certificate.

  4. To be eligible for the Sorting Shifu Certificate the following have to be satisfied

    1. Correctness: Your sorting program must pass all the visible and hidden testcases, and it should not be disqualified for any reason (see below). 

    2. Speed: The execution time of your sorting program must be in the top 10% of the times of the programs implementing the same algorithm, and written in the same language. E.g. If you were assigned bubblesort, and you submitted bubblesort in python, your bubblesort program should be in the top 10% fastest python bubblesort programs submitted to this competition.

    3. Peer Review: After the submission deadline, you will be assigned THREE sorting programs, which will have scrambled identifier names. You must label these programs with the sorting algorithm they are implementing, mentioning reasons for that labeling. 

  5. All other participants who submitted the assigned program, which passes all hidden testcases and is not disqualified will also receive a participation certificate, provided they also submit the algorithm labels for three programs assigned to them. 

Important Notes :

***All new enrollments will be accepted at the end of each day and allotted algorithm will be conveyed via mail post acceptance.